Welcome to Michael’s Group Exercise Program

The demand for quality Aerobics Exercise Classes in Boca Raton was the driving force for starting Michael’s Body Scenes in 1988. Fast forward 27+ years later, Michael’s is still well known for its cutting edge Group Exercise Programs and Classes. Chart “A” below lists the 13 types of Classes that we offer every week in Boca.


Who Can Participate in Our Group Exercise Programs?

Any Individual who is either a Member or Non-Member can participate in all of our Programs.  Non-Members will pay a Fee to participate in our Group Exercise Program.




What Are the Benefits of Group Exercise Classes?

When you speak to our Students, you will find that they all a consistent message about taking Group Exercise Classes at Michael’s.

1.  Access to Subject Matter Expert Instructors
2.  Increase in Muscular Strength
3.  Increase in Muscular Endurance
4.  Increase in Cardiovascular Endurance
5.  Increase in CORE Strength
6.  Increase in Speed & Agility
7.  Increase in Overall Flexibility
8.  Reduction in Blood Pressure
9.  Enhanced Weight Management Skills
10. Getting Great Results
11. Group Motivation & Support
12. Achievement of Group Goals
13. Increase in Personal Confidence
14. Building New Personal Relationships
15. Having Fun


Who Are Your Studio Instructors?

Our Group Exercise Instructors are subject-matter experts who believe that every one of their Students can reach their goals and objectives. If Students do not have any specific goals and objectives identified, then our Instructors will help them establish them. Once these Student-specific goals and objectives are established, it is your Instructor’s responsibility to assist each Student to achieve them. This coaching assistance/support is provided before your training session, during your training session and after each training session.


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